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What are our rates?

We are extremely thorough in everything we do and no two websites or businesses are the same, so in order to accurately quote for any project we will need to talk with you in some detail about your specific requirements. We want to learn as much as possible about you, the business and the potential website, app etc. So that nothing is overlooked, we ask everyone to fill out a client questionnaire which is a tried and tested process – asking all the relevant questions, enabling us to formulate a plan of action, make suggestions, outline options, highlight any obstacles and ultimately define costs. Once we have all the information and have analysed the project fully, we will happily provide you with an estimated cost which will rarely deviate unless there are significant changes made by you as we go. The total cost will reflect the amount of hours we spend as well as any third party outlay. To give you some idea – our standard hourly rates do vary slightly, depending on the complexity of the work. They do, however, start at a very competitive £35.00 per hour.

How long will the project take?

Unlike some other design agencies who try to take on as much work as possible, we do not believe in prolonging projects any longer than necessary. We always keep our work schedule manageable and aim to turn around projects as quickly as possible but it does depend on the scope of the tasks involved. For example, a typical simple brochure website can take us only 7 days from the point that we receive the design brief and all the written content/images/video etc that needs to provided (unless we are creating all the content ourselves for you). More complex projects like ECommerce websites or apps do take more time but can still be completed relatively quickly – in around 3-6 weeks. Every project is different so we would discuss the time-frame with you and provide an accurate completion date after review.

What do you need me to contribute?

We need to understand your business and project at least as much as you do, if not more and of course all information that we receive will be treated with the strictest confidentially.

Any new product is only as good as the ingredients and research that goes into it. The very least we will ask you for is compelling written content, images or videos to be used on any new website design for example. We can, however, act as a content creator if you are a new start-up or do not yet have this information. The main requirement from you will simply be good communication i.e in terms of being available and contributing any preferences or existing ideas of your own. In our experience collaboration is the key to success, we welcome you being involved as much as you want.

How will you design what I want?

Over the years we have developed and refined an efficient design process that works exceptionally well for all clients and projects across a broad array of sectors. We have unashamedly taken inspiration from Google’s very own well documented design sprint process and adapted it to marry with our own concepts, style and vision. All that we would ask from you is for good communication, to get involved and contribute as much as possible. At the very least this might only be to supply written content, images or videos to be used on the website, which is absolutely fine. We will be there to help assist and advise where required, acting as a consultant or content creator (if required). At the end of the day you know your business best so we’re happy to listen and take some direction from you. In our experience, collaboration is the key to success. Our process consists of 8 key fundamentals which we are happy to explain in more detail:

Understand, Define, Diverge, Decide, Prototype, Validate, Launch & Support

Throughout the process we will keep our communications both frequent and clear. There will be certain aspects that will require your specific involvement or input towards. Again, this will ensure that the final product is exactly what you want with nothing being missed. Don’t worry, we will continue to guide you through the process and involve you in any decisions that need to be made.

We will ask in the initial client questionnaire for you to disclose any specific elements or functionality that you require, as well as highlight example websites, apps, logos etc that you like. All of these factors will enable us to interpret your vision correctly and deliver a fully customised solution.

When or how can I pay?

Our payment terms are very simple and fair. Once the project is agreed in terms of structure, time-frame and budget we will require you to pay a deposit of 50% of the agreed total quote to initiate the work. The final 50% or remaining balance is only due upon satisfactory completion of the project. This process ensures that all parties are fully invested in driving it towards completion & any deadlines we set out together. Payment can be made to us via our website, BACS or in some circumstances Paypal (although you would need to pay the 3.4% Paypal fee in that case).

Why should I choose Code54?

Growing our excellent reputation is everything to us! We have all the skills, experience and expertise required to be an invaluable part of your supply chain. Don’t take our word for it, we will be happy to let you speak to any of our clients to get their testimony.

We are extremely passionate and care deeply about what we do. Dealing with us should be easy, enjoyable, rewarding and memorable. We want to build a meaningful, long term relationship with you. Simply put, the success of your project is as important to us as it is to you.