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We are Code54 and we are an extraordinary digital agency with an environmental & moral conscience.

By the end of 2019 we aim to be one of the few companies in our industry to be completely carbon neutral and gain PAS 2060 certification. We plan to introduce our own environmental management system with ISO 14001 certification by planting trees, harnessing solar and embracing other eco friendly technologies. We care deeply about your project and helping your brand get noticed, but we also care about protecting the planet whilst doing so. Code54 was founded by Barry Hollywood in 2010 and you can find out about Barry’s interesting story in the consultancy or meet the team sections of the website.

We are predominantly UK based with our roots being in Ayrshire, Scotland where the business was started, however, we relinquished our office in Sir Tom Hunter’s Marathon House in Olympic Business Park at the start of 2018. We, therefore, do not have an official base now and all work remotely. Don’t let that put you off, if we need to meet we’ll come to you and we’re always available via telephone, email or over video link on Whatsapp or Skype. After some consideration and planning we did this for many reasons:

  • To reduce overheads so we could relay this back to clients.
  • To reduce our carbon footprint and become carbon neutral.
  • Because we are digital nomads with a passion for travel, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.
  • To branch out from our immediate surroundings with a view to global networking and future growth.
  • Why settle for talent in your local area only, our team come all different parts of the world.
  • We wanted to have the freedom of being able to take our creative studio on the road with us and we will be doing just that with the purchase of our first Code54 (100% electric van) which will also be converted into a completely self sufficient – off grid – mobile office, with a full array of the latest in solar technology & gadgetry.
  • In 2018 we started to acquire consultancy work which involved us visiting businesses and working with them hands on.
  • Telecommuting has also become more popular and widely accepted in today’s business society. The flexibility and creative expression it gives us is priceless because, in our opinion, there is nothing less inspiring than staring at the same four walls everyday. One day we could be working with a panoramic sea view and the next have a picturesque mountain backdrop.
  • The proof is in the pudding, in our experience this all adds up to a much happier work environment, exciting new projects, vastly improved work-flow, more productive output, reduced costs and ultimately – super satisfied customers.

We are passionate about the various issues that mankind currently faces such as global warming, plastic pollution, scarcity, poverty and homelessness to name but a few – visit our environment page for more info. We believe that if everyone can do a tiny bit, we can leave the earth in a much better place for the next generation. We have a charitable ethos by nature and make sure we do at least one significant project for a charity each year.

Here is one we did in 2018 for Allied Contract Solutions who are a social enterprise that tackle construction and renovation projects – whilst employing a workforce who have endured some difficulties in life. Please check out the great work that they do.

For every £1000 spent with us from 2019 onwards, our own commitment to the environment means we will plant up to 500 trees = (£100/10% equivalent donation) through our chosen partner the Trillion Tree Campaign

We view deforestation as one of the biggest man-made disasters the world currently faces. It is a problem that needn’t exist with today’s technology and can be reversed so quickly, easily & cost-effectively to the immediate betterment of the planet. The cost to plant a tree varies depending on the location of the project and the type of tree being planted, and starts from only 20p per tree. The trillion tree campaign is the brainchild of Felix Finkbeiner who was just nine years old when he had an idea to plant 1 million trees in every country on earth. He was inspired by the late Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai, founder of the Green Belt Movement who planted 30 million trees across Africa. But Finkbeiner was determined to do much more. On March 28, 2007, the first tree was planted at his school in Bavaria, marking the official launch of the Plant-for-the-Planet Initiative. In the decade since, children and organizations across the globe have planted more than 15 billion trees in 190 countries under the guidance of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

*This pledge will not have any impact on the cost of your project and will be donated directly from our own profits. We will provide proof of this once we finish your project and the trees are firmly planted in the ground. We are involved in many other charitable initiatives, so if you would prefer the donation associated with your project to be allocated towards another worthy cause, then please let us know.

Our small but highly talented team of digital nomads specialise in web design, digital marketing & branding but there are lots of other creative things we are fantastic at, so please see all the work we do. Over the years we have also built up a large network of trusted and collaborative suppliers whom we involve in certain projects from time to time. Our aim is always to build long standing working relationships that often turn into friendships, ones that benefit us both in the long term. Since our inception, our philosophy has been simple: World-class products that look great, work as they should and deliver results. Clear communication and reliability is of equal importance, with a driving force of unparalleled customer service. With an exceptional reputation, we have clients in 17 different countries and counting. Simply put, we want to become an invaluable part of your supply chain and team. The success of your project is as important to us as it is to you and if you share the same positive outlook on life as ourselves then all the better, we look forward to working with you.

In the unlikely situation where your project isn’t delivered carbon free in 2019 we will offset this by making a voluntary carbon tax contribution, which will not affect the agreed cost of any work that we undertake for you.

Our Gear

We use a variety of design/development
tools & equipment.

Website design:

Woo Commerce

Adobe creative suite:
Premiere pro & After effects

Photography & filming:
Gopro Hero7
DJI Inspire 2
Canon EOS

Music production:
DAW – Ableton Live
Sennheiser HD 25-1 MK 2 headphones
KRK Rokit monitors


We reckon he will be one of the first fully electric – off grid – solar powered van/offices in the digital design industry.