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We've created quite a few logos & brand strategies in our time, here's a selection on the wall below.

You might think that branding is only about a simple logo, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Branding encapsulates everything about you and your company, from how you introduce, carry yourself, day-to-day operations, guidelines or interaction with clients – right the way through the entire business to visualising the clear principles that it stands for. There are so many elements to branding its impossible to go through them all here. First impressions are everything in today’s society. Simple things like answering telephone calls & emails (or not) will either endear you to customers or have the opposite effect when trying to build a credible reputation, therefore, presenting the correct consistent image towards your customers from the outset is vitally important.

We create brands that build businesses and maximise their potential. We work with start-ups & SMEs from around the globe to help them with building an identity, strategy, target audience & positioning within a marketplace. Throughout the consultation & design process, your input will be sought and valued, we work closely with clients to ensure that the end result always exceeds expectations. Get in touch if you would like to discuss a fresh new concept or image for your business. Alternatively, if you are ready to proceed you can purchase a suitable branding design package from our store and we’ll begin straight after receiving your order.


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  • The MAGICIAN – makes dreams come true
  • The SAGE – is always seeking the truth
  • The INNOCENT – just wants to be happy
  • The OUTLAW – seeks revolution
  • The JESTER – lives in the moment
  • The LOVER – makes you theirs
  • The EXPLORER – break free
  • The RULER – wants absolute power
  • The CAREGIVER – nurtures you
  • The HERO – wants to prove himself
  • The REGULAR GUY/GIRL – wants to belong
  • The CREATOR – craves perfection

The 12 brand archetypes
Which one are you?