We chose to partner with Godaddy for all our hosting, email, domain name brokering & website security many years ago. Having researched all the other available options, it made perfect sense for us and our clients. We have enjoyed superb service from Godaddy as a third party supplier, with no significant disruption to any of our services in nearly 8 years. We don’t believe in hiding this fact to our clients. We did host all websites on our own servers for the first 2 years but this proved completely impractical by comparison. Godaddy are the largest hosting company in the world and have an unbelievable infrastructure. Watch their operations video ->

We always find them to be technically proficient, reliable, friendly and available 24 hours a day. This gives us & our clients a total piece of mind with the range of reliable services we can provide. We were equally keen to associate with a company who provided what we required for our clients at cost effective rates which we wanted to offer back to our customers. Choosing a company who shared our environmental values was also important and Godaddy’s initiative is admirable. Read the blog article below which shows a KKR report on Godaddy’s eco drive, which shows the steps taken to reduce their carbon footprint.

Godaddy ECO Report

If you require hosting, email, domain or website security for your business? get in touch with us today to see what kind of products or services would be best for you. As a Godaddy partner we get preferential rates, so please ask us for a quotation.