1 week or (40hrs) consultancy package


You set the agenda, tell us all about you & your business and what areas of the business you specifically need our help with.

Here are some of the key business fundamentals that we can help you with -> Strategy, Ideation, Advertising, Digital marketing, Direct marketing, Branding, Networking, Lead generation, Customer acquisition, Customer service & retention, Converting, Pitching, Mentoring, Copy & written literature, ROI, Leadership, vision & focus, Setting realistic targets, Business plan modelling, Recruitment, Budgeting, Decision making, Analysis, Project management, Problem solving & Grant funding.

We work together with you for an agreed period of time set by you – to transform the areas of your business which might be holding you back. We provide flexible, cost-effective and independent business consultancy without the jargon or sugar coating. Once you start a working relationship with me, you can count on me to develop a vested interest in you and the long term health of your business for as long as you need it.



Whether it’s just an idea in your mind at the moment, a newly launched business or one that’s existed for years and been struggling recently – there are always lots of components that we can help with.

We will, however, only work with you if we feel that we can make a genuine positive difference by initiating transformation. We provide breakthrough consultancy which identify, assess and eliminate any barriers currently preventing scale. We bring many things to the table. Positivity, professionalism and openness to new ideas are the only things we will ask of you, we’ll take care of the rest.

We are insightful, pragmatic and creative in our approach, always seeking the simplest & best solutions… and in our experience – actions speak much louder than words. The very first thing that we do with all new assignments is get to know you and the inner workings of the business from top to bottom.